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NatTest Lab Sdn Bhd

NatTest Lab Sdn. Bhd. is an independent construction materials testing laboratory providing testing and inspection of materials such as concrete, premix, cement, aggregate, bitumen, steel, and soil. In addition, NatTest Lab provides on site inspection and investigation services of Geotechnical Engineering, Pile Testing, Precast Concrete Products, Mechanical Testing, Equipments Repairs & Calibration, Structural Repairs, and Non - Destructive Testing.

We are working towards being "Your One Stop Laboratory Partner" which provides all the construction materials testing to our customers under one roof. We are invested full range of state-of-the-art equipment and employed highly skilled technicians, industrial experienced professionals, and competent customer support staff to deliver uncompromising data quality, prompt service, and reasonable prices to earn the respect and satisfaction of our customers.

We Are ISO Certified

The Department of Standard Malaysia has accredited us to MS ISO/IEC 17025 under the Skim Makmal Akreditasi Malaysia (SAMM). The Department of Standard Malaysia's membership in the ILAC (International organisation for accreditation bodies) Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA) indicates that SAMM-approved test results are acknowledged globally.

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We are committed to providing high quality services with full integrity to fulfill customers' satisfaction through our continuous improvement activities.



Our vision is to be Asia independent laboratory leader which provides testing, inspection, investigation, monitoring, and structural repair for the construction industry.

Our Corporate Value

ALWAYS do the right things.

ALWAYS do it right the first time.

ALWAYS safety first.

Support each other and work as one team.

Responsibility in works.

Uphold a reasonable working culture in all aspects of our business.